2017 Summer Update at Kingdom Living Ministries

Perth Amboy waterfront.

Perth Amboy waterfront.

It's been a while since we posted on the blog...we've been busy!

Summer was slow coming to Jersey. The weather just didn't want to change from the mild temperatures and rain showers of spring. However, things have finally heated all the way up outside, and likewise, Summer at KLM is in full swing.

A few exciting updates:

For the first time in the history of our church, candidates will be licensed into ministry. Two candidates are our elders-in-training, Alan Jean and Clev St. Hillaire. This licensing will be the first step on the way to their eventual ordination as Associate Pastors at Kingdom Living Ministries. The other two candidates are Jackie Dixon, who actually co-founded KLM but has never been licensed, and none other than yours truly, your very own leading lady. I was licensed as a minister years ago in another church, but we all (should) know that credentials don't automatically transfer with you when you change churches. My husband Pastor DeWayne sees fit to license me at Kingdom Living, and I could not be happier! Please join us on August 27 for this historic event. It won't be a big affair; we're saving that for ordination next year.

The week before the licensing ceremony, we will hold the first baptisms of this year. This is also a special day for me as one of the four candidates is my five-year-old son! Please join us on August 20 at Ocean Grove Beach as we celebrate this occasion.

Other upcoming events include:

  • A gender reveal reception showcasing the Johnson family's upcoming addition, on July 16.
  • The launching of KLM's infants and toddlers church/nursery for ages 3 and under, also on July 16.
  • And Friends & Family Day on July 30.

Don't miss what God is doing at KLM!!! Visit us for one of our services one Sunday this summer. We'd love to have you.