Change in Progress: Renovations at KLM

God certainly answers prayers!

KLM is excited to announce the newest improvements made to our place of worship. There were a number of things that needed to be addressed in order to make this a clean, serene and pristine place of worship for our members, guests, and families.

We're  several improvements to our sanctuary and multipurpose/children's rooms, including but not limited to:

Progress: new chairs, paint, carpet, and bathroom upgrades.

Progress: new chairs, paint, carpet, and bathroom upgrades.

  • Brand new flooring
  • Updated window treatments
  • Brand new gold chairs
  • Freshly repainted walls
  • Ceiling tile replacements
  • Reconstructed stage
  • Resurfaced doors
  • Much needed organization solutions
  • Outdoor and indoor signage

And don't forget the new branding, which includes our new interactive website and modern, updated logo.

We know that we could not have completed all of these renovations without your love and support. The pictures may not do it justice, so we are inviting everyone to join us for our ribbon cutting ceremony on Sunday, April 30th!

Thank you all for your prayers and support.