Our Church Declaration


We, the body of believers at Kingdom Living Ministries, enforce God’s original plans and purposes in our lives and in the life of this ministry.

We are a supernatural people who serve a supernatural God. We experience miracles daily. We operate in the gifts of the Spirit and we do the works of Jesus everywhere we go.

We are citizens of the kingdom of God, a holy nation, and we have what we say. We are doers of the Word of God and not just hearers only. We are what the Word of God says we are - more than conquerors!

We have what the Word of God says we have - the whole earth and all that dwells therein! We can do what the Word of God says we can do - all things through Christ because we believe, and all things are possible to us. We hold fast to our confession of faith and we do not waiver, faint, lose heart or give up.

We are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus and guilt, shame and condemnation have no place in our lives. We are God’s chosen generation, His royal priesthood and we are reigning by God’s grace and wisdom as kings in the earth. We are accepted in the beloved and nothing can separate us from His love. We are sanctified, consecrated and separated from the world.

We are healed with the stripes of Jesus. Jehovah-Rapha has taken sickness and disease away from the midst of us. We have a sound mind and body. You satisfy our mouths with good things and our youth is renewed like the eagles. We wait upon the Lord and You renew our strength. We run and do not grow weary; we walk and do not faint. We are loosed from every infirmity by the resurrection healing power of God which flows through our bodies, the temples of the Holy Ghost.

We are redeemed from debt, poverty and lack and the curse. Every household of this church and partner of this ministry God has blessed and we are living under an open heaven. The blessing of the Lord makes us rich and He adds no sorrow with it. We are increasing more and more and wealth and riches are in our house. We are the head and not the tail, above only and not beneath, the lender and not the borrower. We are sowing bountifully and reaping a bountiful harvest on every seed sown. We pray that our entire church family has a minimum of double their salaries from last year, all debts are paid in full and we enjoy 100% employment.

We have strong marriages and families that are knitted together in love and rooted in the Word of God. Wives are submitting to their own husbands as unto the Lord and the husbands love their wives as Christ loves the church. Our youth fear the Lord and obey and honor their parents. We give no place to the devil in our families and speak life, love, righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost over our households.

Our children serve the Lord with gladness. We plead the blood of Jesus over our children.

This church is prospering at everything it sets its hands to. We are accomplishing good works and we command Kingdom finances and all of heaven and earth’s resources reserved for us to come forth now without delay. We call in everything prepared for us before the foundation of the world that pertains to our life and godliness and to the life of this ministry for this purpose and season. We command the wealth of the wicked, the treasures of darkness and the hidden riches of secret places to come to us now.

The Word of God is prevailing in every area of our lives. We are born of incorruptible seed and the Word is producing one hundredfold. We are overcomers and our faith is the victory that overcomes the world.

Our church is growing exponentially. People are saved, filled and healed every service. We are a soul winning church. We are a disciple making church. When people come to our church, chains are broken over their lives and the power of God sets them free. We call people into this ministry from the east, west, north and south of New Jersey and surrounding states and the world to come and hear the Word of God weekly. We are outgrowing our present building. We call members in from the four corners of the earth to come and be apart of this growing ministry. The Lord is adding single men, women and families to our church weekly. Every service is packed to overflowing with hungry people for God. We call in faithful members who are engaged in the life of this ministry. We are feeding the poor and empowering people to become faithful followers of Christ and a productive citizen

The Word of God is preached every Sunday with clarity and power. The power of God is always present at our services. Lives are eternally changed by the Word and power of God every single service. The Lord is blessing us with buildings and lands. We are making an eternal impact that cannot be erased in this world.

Now thanks be unto God Who always causes us to triumph in Christ!

In Jesus’ name, Amen.